27 January 2011

A Resolution Worth More Books Later

I already have a deal with myself not to buy anymore underwear this year, since one of my last 2010 purchases rendered my entire unmentionables budget underground, possibly into a few inches of metaphorical monetary permafrost. I have no regrets on this.

But, what I did realize, during a Costco trip over the weekend, was that I had already an ENORMOUS collection of books for someone my age and it's likely to get bigger, never smaller, no matter how many I give away, donate to organizations and charities, and even lose due to loaning out but no returns from family, friends, acquaintances, and enemies (here's looking at you, kid?). I also have no regrets here but what I did start to think about concerned all of my yet-to-be-read copies of literature. Just like when one buys some pieces of clothes and still has tags on them a year later because an occasion to wear them has not yet come around, my book purchases sit on the shelf and wait for me to take them out to read, and wait and wait and wait.

Until now. I realized any more books I want to get, whether it's to be purchased or borrowed from the library, need to wait, because the ones on my shelves are already languishing. I'll take pictures, write endless lists, do anything for these not yet in my possession, just to be remembered, for the day that I can get new books.

Currently, my set up here in California has no rhyme or reason, but at least I know to an extent which books I've read already or started on, and which books I haven't even touched yet. (My collection's not THAT big. Yet.) In New York, before I started yanking books from every which way off for the big move, I had a shelf dedicated for books I had not yet read, another shelf for those that I like to read over and over again, and a shelf where I was giving the books away over time for various reasons (e.g. might not have read the books to completion because I really didn't want to waste my time any further). (I think my parents will be glad when my books completely leave their home, but for now, the majority of them sit in boxes in their closet or remain on shelves in various spots of the house.)

So, with that said, right now, I'm reading the following:

-Summerland, Michael Chabon

I've recently finished:
-The Brief, Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, Junot Diaz
-The Secret Life of Bees, Sue Monk Kidd
-Forgive My Fins, Tera Lynn Childs

I will be reading (because they're due soon)
-Jurassic Park, Michael Crichton
-Seventh Son, Orson Scott Card

I'm looking to write a little review about The Secret Life of Bees when there's some breathing room again on my schedule; for now, I thought I'd just sit on my thoughts about it and go about some other business in the meantime.


Jessica said...

Yeah, I have a couple plays I've bought from the Strand that I have yet to read. Thanks for reminding me, hehe!

Am currently slowly going through the copy of Anton Chekhov's short stories that Patti gave me for my birthday. "The Lady with the Dog" is what I'm poring over at the moment, and it is sadder than I remembered when I had to read it for my Chekhov survey class last year. I also intend on finishing the Hunger Games trilogy, the first of which I finished over the course of two, three days. Very suspenseful and exciting.

Can't wait to read your review, I've been meaning to read "Secret Life of Bees" !

T E said...

Thanks for your comment, Jessica! I should read Chekhov for pleasure one day soon. I will be writing the review soon enough, especially since the book is due in a couple of weeks. :)

Read the plays! :D Enjoy!